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Old Bengali movies

Bengali movies specially in 60s-70s, had delivered some gems of movies. The architects who were behind these success; included Uttam Kumar, Soumitra, Suchitra, Bhanu, Rabi Ghosh. Together, they worked to produce some memorable movies. Mouchak, Sare 74, Saptapadi, Bhanu Goenda Jahar Assistant were few such examples. When we talk about the Golden age of Bengali movie, these old bengali movie name hovers around our mind. When we feel nostalgic about Bengali movies; again these are the movies.

Once again its time to feel nostalgic for Old Bengali movie lovers around the globe. Because once again you can taste these movies by downloading them absolutely Free! Here are the links for downloading-
List of Old Bengali movie torrent

Mouchak bengali movie torrent Free
Sare 74 bengali movie torrent Free
Saptapadi bengali movie torrent Free
Nayak(Uttam Kumar) bengali movie torrent Free
Basanta Bilap bengali movie torrent Free
Asi Te Asio Na bengali movie torrent Free
Miss Priyongboda bengali movie torrent Free
Chourangee bengali movie torrent Free
Jamalaye Jibonto Manush bengali movie torrent Free
Bhanu Goenda Jahar Assistant bengali movie torrent Free
Lukochuri bengali movie torrent Free
And ending with Classic of Uttam Kumar
Bagh Bandi Khela bengali movie torrent Free

Download those movies and Enjoy! Your request on this regard are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

Can you please upload torrent for Oldd Parineeta starring Soumitra and Moushumi

janejigar said...

can you please upload torrent for Bengali old movie-Troyee,staring
Mithu and debashree.

Anonymous said...

can you please upload movie HIRE MANIK (1979).

Anonymous said...

Could you please upload movie "ANANDAMELA" starring Uttam Kumar, Utpal Dutta, Arati Bhattacharjee and others

Anonymous said...

Can you please upload Jay Jayanti?

sarit said...

I want to see "Sister" starring Uttamkumar, Supriya Chowdhury, Utpal Dutta etc..

Anonymous said...

Please upload Selam Memsaheb 1975 movie cast Dipankar De

Anonymous said...

Can you please upload DUTI PATA 1983 movoe torrent plaese

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