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How to download Bengali movies from youtube. List of recent and old Bengali movies, which can be downloaded from youtube.
Youtube has been an excellent promotional tool for Bengali movie marketing in recent days. Bengali movie makers upload promotional videos, trailers to attract the internet viewer. And it has been quiet a success. Take the case of Wanted, Amanush for example. These movies were big success at box office.
                                        Believe me or not, now you can actually download Bengali movies from youtube for free (the free “Bengali movie downloading” has been discussed in very detail manner through out the topic. You must not miss a single alphabet!). Both recent movies and also some old movies of repute are there to be downloaded. Although full movie has been uploaded after breaking into many parts, it is not a setback as you can join these parts to get the full movie. If you are not keen in joining then you can play these movie parts separately. It was never an issue as these part files comes with an .flv extension and compatible with any media player (i.e. vlc, wmp or kodak).

                                        Let us now come to the downloading part. For downloading any Bengali movie (full movie) from youtube you have to be familiar with the right keywords. By keyword it is pointed to the “collective selection of text” which you have to enter in youtube search box. This keyword selection is most important. You must know the correct English spelling of the Bengali movie which you wish to download. Type the movie name in search box followed by “full movie all parts”. General syntax for any movie downloading keyword can be simplified as- “Movie name (the Bengali movie you want to download) +full movie all parts”.

                                       For example if you wish to download the Bengali movie “Ley Chakka”, then you should select “Ley Chakka full movie all parts” as keyword. In search result you will see all movie part of the movie is shown, starting from part 1 to last part. Just copy the “youtube link” and download with Youtube downloader application or with download manager.
Special Attention!  

You may be having trouble with playing more than Ten parts while watching a Bengali movie. But not now. This problem has been solved by the post Join Youtube part files into one movie

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