Top 10 Bengali Actress|Tollywood Most Beautiful,Gorgeous Top Ten

Tollywood has some talented and beautiful actresses in its armory. Bengali actresses have always good acting reputation. When it comes to beauty Srabonti can anytime compete with top bollywood actress. It is very difficult to select top ten beautiful and gorgeous Bengali actresses from the bunch talented actresses. But lets give it a try.

Number 10:
Rimjhim bengali actress
Rimjhim Mitra:
Debut: Banobhumi (2007)
Other than her debut film she also acted in “Tin Yaari Kotha”, and “Cross Connection”. Her next movie is “Jug Jug Jiyo” , will be released on 2011. She has the talent to improve her situation at bengali film industry.

Number 9:
Sexy bengali actress Sreelekha
Sreelekha Mitra
Debut: Sei Raat (1996)
Sreelekha is known as bold actress in tollywood. She has acted in many bengali movie and famous for doing hot and steamy scenes. Her other famous film list include Ek Mutho Chobi, Tolly Lights, Mahanagar@ Kolkata etc.
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Number 8
Rituparna Sexy actress
Rituparna Sengupta
Debut: Swet Patharer Thala
Young generation know this actress for her role in “Trishna”, but she has delivered many hits with Prosenjit. Currently she is preferring bollywood, but she could also be successful at tollywood, Trishna was tha latest example.
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Number 7
Bengali actress priyanka
Debut:Chirodini Tumi Je Amar (2008)
She had came to the tollywood film industry like a storm in Chirodini Tumi Je Amar. But after that she has gone to no where. In between she has done films like Jodi Ekdin,Love Story etc. But She needs to act with other actor also rather than to act only with Rahul, her husband.

Number 6
hot bengali actress
Debut: Hemanter Pakhi (2003)
Swastika Mukherjee is a very talented bengali actress. She has done many films with Jeet. Her latest hit film was “Bomkesh Bakshi”, a thriller movie. She also acted in movies like 033,Partner,Krishnakanter Will etc. She is a gorgeous and very beautiful

Number 5
Koel bengali actress
Debut: Nater Guru(2003)
She started her film career with Nater Guru which was a super hit. She promised to be good talented actress. But she has to understand only family background will not guarantee her top position. Her last two movie Mon je Kore Uru Uru and Dui Prithibi were flop.

Number 4
Payel bengali actress
Debut: Shudhu Tumi(2004)
Though she made debut in 2004 she got her major success in 2007 with I Love U with Dev, which was also his first hit movie. After this movie she never looked backward. She got one after one box office hit from then like Prem Amar, Ley Chakka. Her next project is Gole Male Gole Male Pirit Koro Na.

Number 3
Paoli hot bengali actress
Debut: Agnipariksha
Many critics compare her with acting genius Suchitra Sen after her success in Kalbela (2009)
This movie was critically acclaimed and showcased in many foreign film festivals. She is also the main actress of movie Moner Manush which won Golden Peacock recently. She also famous for doing bold scenes in many bengali art movies.
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Number 2
Subhashree Bengali actress
Debut: Bajimat (2008)
She is the only actress in Tollywood who has delivered all hit films till now. Other than being successful she is extremely gorgeous and beautiful. She looked very attractive with Dev in two super duper hit movie Challenge, Poran Jai Jaliya Re; both of which released in 2009. She is currently having a bond with Venkatesh, for which we are missing her in tollywood.

Number 1
Srabanti top Bengali actress
Debut: Mayar Badhon (1997)
She made a successful comeback with Champion (2003) after her marriage. Srabanti proved that marriage is not a constraint for successful actress career. In 2008 she once again produce a blockbuster with Bhalobasa Bhalobasa. 2010 was an extremely successful year for her. She was associated with four box office hit Wanted, Amanush, Josh, Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo. 2011 is also expected to be a busy year for Srabanti.

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This exclusive top list is based on performance of 2010 by BDE 


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Anonymous said...

sranbanti is obviously no1 but paoli must be after no 5 she is not so much beautiful..sastika is better looks than her


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Anonymous said...

Srabonti is most beautiful among them.
But, subhoshree has the best figure

Anonymous said...

Debasree Roy,Debasree Roy,Debasree Roy,Debasree Roy,Debasree Roy,Debasree Roy,Debasree Roy,Debasree Roy, Debasree Roy and Debasree Roy. I think Debasree Roy is the most beautiful bengali actresses from beginning of bengali cinema and till now she is the most beautiful heroine. She is also an excellent actress, dancer and has very good physique even now. Only some demon-like heroines have damaged her career. But, I think in respect of beauty, no one can even come near to her. She is my darling.

Anonymous said...

Debasree Roy should be at the top of the list and then Srabonti. Soumili is very close third and Barsha Priyadarshini is very beautiful, she can be fourth. Gargi Roychoudhury will be at fifth place. Rituparna can find a place at 100th because a maid can be more beautiful than her. Sorry, Rimijhim can be at 1000th or at 10000th place.

Anonymous said...

How can you make a list without Debosree Roy? Debosree Roy is so beautiful, you can put all the adjectives of beauty against her name. She is the on the everest of beauty. I think from tne inception of bengali cinema till now, no actress in bengali cinema can be compared to Debosree, in terms of beauty. She is venus. I pray to GOD to keep her healthy, beautiful and cheerful all along her life.

john cena said...

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Anonymous said...

Debashree Roy is an exceptional beauty, it has been proved time and again. Her face, eyes, smile, hair and her lean and attractive physique have made her so beautiful that even the angels of heaven envy her. She is so sweet, so glamourous, so beautiful, she can be compared to her only. I pray to GOD to make her life partner for my next life and keep her healty, graceful, beautiful, jovial and lively.

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