Old Bengali Movies Download

List of some evergreen old bengali movies.

“Old is Gold” it is not just a proverb but was reality in past. Yes I am talking about the
golden period of Bengali cinema. The age of Uttam Kumar, Suchitra, Soumitra, Bhanu and
many more ageless legends of Bengali cinema. Now you can once again can go back to that
time by watching their evergreen movies.

Mouchak Bengali movie
Casts: Uttam Kumar, Sabitri, Ranjit Mallick, Rabi Ghosh and others

The movie is about a handsome bachelor’s dilemma with so many daughters’ father trying their
best to convince Ranjit Mallick for marriage. Uttam Kumar plays the role of Ranjit Mallick’s
brother who tries to help his poor brother, who has a great comic sense. Also watch out for
the loads of hilarious acting from Sabitri(wife of Uttam Kumar), Rabi Ghosh, Anup Kumar and
many others.
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Old bengali movies,Uttam kumar movies

Basanta Bilap:
The movie evolves around two hostels; one of them is for bachelor men’s and in another one agroup of young women live. Movie goes along as many incidents involving two opposite sex keep the viewer on the edge.
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Sare 74
Cast: Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Bhanu Bandopadhaya
It is the debut film of Suchitra Sen. It is a story of young bachelors mess. The movie takes
an interesting turn when a young lady comes to that mess for living with her family. Every
one in that mess tries to impress her and confusion starts about a marriage ceremony, which
lasts up to the last sequence of the movie.
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Sare 74 Part 1
Sare 74 Part 2
Sare 74 Part 3
Sare 74 Part 4
Sare 74 Part 5
Sare 74 Part 6
Sare 74 Part 7
Sare 74 Part 8
Sare 74 Part 9
Sare 74 Part 10
Sare 74 Part 11
Sare 74 Part 12

Cast: Uttam Kumar, Sarmila Tagore
It the only film of Satyajit Ray in which Uttam Kumar acted. This movie deals with the
complex mentality of a top actor, played by Uttam Kumar.
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Cast: Uttam Kumar
It is a must watch movie for any person. This movie depicts the autobiography of an honest
doctor who remain honest till his death despite many disturbing incidents throughout his
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Mediafire part 1
Mediafire part 2 

Ogo Badhu Sundari
Cast: Uttam Kumar, Madhabi
This is comedy film. During this movie Uttam Kumar left this planet leaving many of his fans
worlds over. Uttam Kumar plays a character of a linguistic teacher who takes a difficult
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This only a few valuable samples of the great jewels called “Old Bengali movies”.

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