Bengali Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Some most popular add-ons in mozilla firefox for bengali language/font support.
Mozilla firefox has some excellent add-ons which are very useful and effective for the bengali user. These add-ons are made exclusively for the needs of bengali internet users. After installing these add-ons you will enjoy your time while surfing! 
From Google search to emailing, you can use bengali language and chatting in bangla with friends will be possible through these firefox add-ons. So don’t waste any time and install these add-ons to your firefox to enjoy the facilities.

  •  FoxLingo Translator: For automatic translation depending on location.
This add-on is compatible with firefox 1.5- latest version. Automatic machine language translation is available with two Indian languages i.e. Bengali and Hindi with other 69 international languages. Other than automatic translation it also contains local dictionaries, encyclopedias, text-to-speech engines, language identification from domain, and local language search features. So next time you visit Google and search for something after installing the add-on you will surely feel the local touch!

  • Indic Input Extension: Solution for all Indian regional fonts.
Indian Language support with added advantage of Inscript, Phonetic and WX. This multifunctional add-on of firefox comes with default Inscript and WX layout. It supports a variety of Indian languages ranging from Bengali, Tamil,Telegu, Hindi, Gujarathi, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Malayalam, Nepali, Kannada and Marathi. One advantage of installing the add-on is it enable you to use more than one regional language. So you can use Bengali and Tamil concurrently. Use Keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+ Spacebar” to toggle between different languages.
  • Google Transliteration: Another efficient add-on for Indian regional language.
Supports Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Arabic, Marathi, Nepali, Gujarati, Punjabi regional Indian languages. This firefox add-on is compatible with firefox 2.0 to latest version. It provides translation facility to content text as well as user input text (input words to search engine query). Also it is well conversant with gmail and other mail services. Which will enable you to compose mail in your own regional language.  

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