Bengali font in Browser Firefox IE Chrome Help

Bengali font in browser
Often people get irritated seeing those human unreadable fonts whenever they try to read Bengali newspaper on internet. Though all the Bengali newspaper like Anandabazar Patrika, Bartaman,Prothom Alo (Bangladesh) Pratidin are available for online viewing. You need to make little modification on your browser for that. All major browsers Firefox, Chrome and IE has support module for Bengali font.

Firefox: Most popular browser according to user friendliness, supports Bengali viewing without any extra add-ons. Just follow these simple steps-
After opening your Firefox, go to Tools from there click on Options
Now you have to choose the Content tabs from the given sets
Under Content  tab you will find Language option, click on Choose
Then select Bengali [bn] from Select an Language to add
You are done with your job. You can now smoothly view websites having Bengali content or easily can read Online Bengali Newspaper's internet edition.

Internet Explorer: First door to internet world
By default Internet Explorer supports online Bengali viewing. This is possible for ActiveX-control module. Whenever you make attempt to connect a website which has a Bengali content it will pop-up an “information bar/message bar” just under the address bar. You just need to install that add-on for smooth Bengali viewing.   

Chrome: The Most stylish browser from Google
Currently Chrome does not have any support module for bengali font. But if the bengali content of a webpage are in Unicode format then you can see it in chrome browser. Bengali font supports two type of Unicode UTF-8 and UTF-16LE.
Click on Customization button.
From Tools select Encoding and the right encoding format.

Complete installation of Bengali font in XP.

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