Bengali Font Installation in XP

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Have a wish to type Bengali in your PC without buying new software? You will have to spend little more time with your Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3) for it and then your wish may become reality. Follow some simple instructions to “install Bengali font” in your PC (you don’t need to be an expert) which are depicted more simply in this post
At first go to your  
-->Control Panel (From My Computer or from Start menu). Then from there go to  
-->Date, Time, Language and Regional option. Next go to  
-->Regional and Language option. Now a Dialog Box with three tabs namely
-->Regional Options, Languages and Advanced will open as shown in picture below

Choose Languages tab. Now tick mark on Install files for complex script and right to left languages (including Thai). Soon after a window will be flashed in your desktop click OK and then Apply.

Your computer might ask for XP CD-ROM, Insert the CD if you have. If you don’t then also there is a solution, download the 10Mb pack needed for installation from ‘here’. You have to do some searching for your particular PC.And specify the position of downloaded file in time of bengali font installation.

                                                           That will do your work. One phase of work is over. Now Restart your machine. Follow same procedure to come to Languages tab under Regional and Language options.Here you will find there is already a tick mark in Install files for complex script and right to left languages (including Thai) option.Click on Details. Here under Text services and Input languages dialog box click Key Settings

You will find language switching option is available if your installation process is alright. See by which Key you can switch between Bengali and existing language, you can also set the keyboard layout for Bengali font.

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