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There are many websites which offer free Hindi movies to be downloaded. But very few of them are genuine. So downloading quality Hindi movies was never easy as many websites may claim. As a result many of movie downloader relies on sites like torrentz, ignoring the issue of video quality, which is big concern of these websites like torrentz. Another concern is unavailability of certain movies on those sites. This certainly demands an alternate way of downloading Hindi movies; an effective and easy way for downloading good quality (.mkv, .mp4, .avi etc) Hindi movies. This topic will guide you to download Hindi movies, with excellent video quality in compact size. So let us focus on downloading issue; quickly!
Funwadi: Hindi movies
Following the link you will discover one of the huge database of Hindi movie’s files. Source contains permanent link of Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile and many more files of Hindi movies. Usually these files come with a mirror so that you can simultaneously download all parts of a movie. After downloading these parts, you can easily join those part files to get the full movie. Video Quality is excellent; one of the best, as most files are dvd ripped.
Katz download: Bollywood movies
Another reliable source for downloading Hindi movies. Downloader who loves to download from Rapidshare, will find this site very precious. Loads of rapidshare links making this site a happy hunting for Hindi movie downloader. Movie quality is best. This site can be used as search engine for searching movie files of rapidshare link.
Previous website primarily offers rapidshare movie links but this site will provide almost all possible links of movie files. That is the best quality about this website. Not just that you can search movie files by video format also, which allows you to get your favorite Hindi movie in best video format.
These are the most genuine and reliable source of bollywood movies in internet

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