Bengali font using MS-Word

Microsoft word provides its user to write in bengali font. This option gives the word user freedom of choosing their mother tongue without even installing separate software. You just have to follow these commands only to accomplish your wish of writing bengali (bangla). Just click on
  •   ‘Insert’  button on menu.
After then choose
  •  ‘Symbol ‘option at the right corner.
  • After clicking ‘Symbol’ a dialog box will open. Under that window choose ‘(Complex script text)’  from ‘Font’ .
Under the ‘Subset’ choose ‘Bengali ‘.

bengali font in XP

Now you can see those bengali letters  on your screen. Insert as many letters you want and place them where you need to put in. You can speed up your inserting process using Shortcut keys. For example if you want to write the bengali letter “ স(sha) ”, then type the shortcut number(09b8) associated with the letter, after that press “alt+x” concurrently.
           Like this you can write other regional languages like Devnagari,Kanada,Telegu,Tamil,Indics and many other font using MS-Word.

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