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Gone are the days when movies were mostly downloaded from torrentz .Idea of downloading
a movie for whole day has became backdated .Most disturbing facts about torrentz is that
you can not download movie which you want but have to which they wanted you to download
due to unavailability of 'Seeds' and 'Peers'.downloading a file which has no seeds nor
peers is total wastage as after sometime an error message like 'Error in link' or'
file is unavailable' will appear .Another peculiar thing is 'Upload'(you have to do it
without any reason).If you are trying to escape from 'Trap of torrentz' , here is
the way "Free Hindi Movie". In this site you should find the movie earliest and can
download very quickly(within one hour!!) as size varies from 300-600 Mb .Video quality
is the best in the internet(own experience).Season of movie is starting as 'Newyork'
and 'Kambakt Ishq' are released and many are waiting .Classic hindi movie from 'Sholey'
to 'Dewaar' and of 80's and 90's collection is also there for you.
To download video song click Here.

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